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Fedor Ovchinnikov

Fedor Occhinikov

Fedor Ovchinnikov
Center for Evolutionary Leadership
Oakland, CA
Executive Member
Since 2011

"Being a consultant and an entrepreneur, I joined the Academy in January 2011. TheAcademy of Management is a very interesting community to be part of. At a conference you can find sessions organized by conservative Harvard Business School professors and those hosted by Degrowth Movement activists from Germany. It is an ecosystem that allows radically different ideas and approaches to co-exist and interact with each other which provides fertile soil for innovation. It is fascinating that an organization that serves 19,000+ members, organizes conferences for 10,000+ attendees, and publishes some of the world's top peer-reviewed journals in the field has only about 20 staff members. The secret is members' self-governance. Over its 70 years of history, the Academy of Management has discovered the right balance between freedom and structure that prompts hundreds of volunteers to effectively maintain key functions of the organization while allowing plenty of space for pursuing authentic passions and shaping the future of the Academy. If you have even a bit of intellectual curiosity, the Academy has lots of treasures for you: just explore it with an open mind and be prepared to be surprised!"

Fedor Ovchinnikov is a consultant and an entrepreneur. He received the Best Reviewer Award from the International Management Division, is the ENT Division's new Communications Committee volunteer, and established the Entrepreneurship Practice Award to honor publications that have been especially effective at advancing the practice of entrepreneurship. He now serves as Professional Development Workshop Co-Chair (with Marc Bonnet) for the All-Academy Practice Theme Committee, and Chair of the Communications Committee of the Entrepreneurship Division. Outside the Academy Fedor currently works with the Center for Evolutionary Leadership on creating sustainable organizations, living institutions, and sustainability strategies to build a just, flourishing, and sustainable world.

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