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Teaching and Learning Resources

In response to the growing teaching-related needs of AOM members and to support members in the practice of teaching, this collection of teaching and learning resources has been curated from the Academy’s divisions, interest groups, committees, conferences and publications. Best practices in teaching and learning augments the Academy’s well-known leadership in management education research with rich and diverse management teaching content.


Join your colleagues for a one-day mini-conference focused on teaching
           during the Academy of Management Meeting    

                                                                            Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC)                                                                       

From  Academy of Management Publications

Academy of Management Review  

AMR: Theory Building Resources
Syllabi for Theory-Building Doctoral Courses   
Professor Mason A. Carpenter- University of Wisconsin 
Professor Belle Rose Ragins - Associate Editor, Academy of Management Review      

Academy of Management Learning & Education

AMLE: Virtual Themed Collections

These special collections highlight a number of articles which collectively illustrate the breadth of domains related to curriculum content and delivery that have been published in AMLE since its inception

Business Policy and Strategy (BPS) Division: Syllabi

Critical Management Studies (CMS) Division: Resources

Entrepreneurship Division: Syllabi

Health Care Management (HCM) Division: Teaching Resources, Research Resources, Practice Resources

Human Resources (HR) Division: Teaching Resources

International Management (IM) Division: Syllabi, Interactive Tools

Management Consulting (MC) Division: Syllabi

Management History (MH) Division: Resources

Management Spirituality and Religion (MSR) Division: Resources

Managerial and Organizational Cognition (MOC) Division: Syllabi and Web Links

Organization and Management Theory (OMT) Division: Resources

Organization Development and Change (OCD) Division: ResourcesSyllabi

Organizational Communications and Information Systems (OCIS) Division: Resources

Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) Division: Resources

Public and Nonprofit (PNP) Division: Resources

Research Methods (RM) Division: Resources

Social Issues in Management (SIM) Division: Resources

Strategizing, Activities and Practices (SAP) Division: Resources

From  Academy of Management Committees

  • The Ethics of Research and Publishing Video Series The Ethics Education Committee of the Academy of Management presents The Ethics of Research and Publishing Video Series. This eight part series explores questions in academic research and publishing including: Authorship, Plagiarism, Publishing in Journals, Conference Papers and Presentations, Slicing the Data in Publications, Reporting Research, Reviewing Manuscripts, and Global Ethics in Publishing.

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