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New ENT Video Interview Series - Andrew Maxwell in Depth with Alex DeNoble

Alex DeNoble from TheInnovationCentre on Vimeo.


Be sure to check back as the Division will continue to post Andrew Maxwell's interviews. Click here for previous installments with other notable scholars in the series.




 ENT Division Receives Very Positive 5 Year Review


You may recall my request a few months ago to participate in a survey of ENT members. The results of this survey formed an important part of the 5 Year Review of ENT by the Academy that we completed at the beginning of February. Every Division and Interest Group is reviewed every five years to ensure that it is both complying with the Academy's governance processes and serving its members well.


I am delighted to report that we have just received very positive feedback from the Division and Interest Group Relations (DIGR) Committee of the Academy of Management which is pleased to recommend the renewal of the Division for another five years. I would like to share with you some of the key comments from the DIGR’s report about ENT:


“A large, growing, and very strong division”


“92% of members are satisfied with the division; this represents a significant increase from the 2007 survey….. We share your view that “the 2011 survey results paint a very positive picture of ENT.””


“We applaud the ENT division for engendering a strong sense of community among its members, along with its increasing growth. This is an area where most divisions struggle.”


“We believe that the ENT division is one of the most innovative divisions in the Academy”.


“ENT has exhibited an ability to attract outside sponsorship money and with it, have used financial resources for research awards and doctoral student benefits.”


“Extremely well-thought out section on “Goals and Actions for Improvement and Exploration””.


I am sure you will agree that in light of these comments we can rightly be proud of our Division. On behalf of the Division I would like to thank all who contributed to the considerable effort involved in achieving this great outcome.


The Executive Committee will continue in the coming months its endeavors to improve the Division through increasing involvement of members, enhancing the website and communications, seeking further external sponsorship income, developing membership support schemes, extending involvement and support for international members in multiple regions, and revisiting the committee structure so it that closely meets the needs of all member constituencies.


You can find the full review, which includes the member survey results, and feedback from the Academy by clicking here


I look forward to seeing many of you soon in Boston.


Best wishes

Mike Wright

ENT Division Chair 2012